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The Society is registered from Register of Societies, Govt. of Uttar Pradesh under Societies Act 1980 vide Regd. No.2347 of 2009. The Society is formed without any discrimination of cast, creed, race or sex or any other kind of social discrimination. ANANT is now well known to social welfares.

  • Name of the organization (Legal Name) – ANANT FOUNDATION_
  • Name of the NGO in short(acronym, if any)-   ANANT
  • Registered Address: ANANT FOUNDATION _D-281 Kurmanchal nagar
    District – LUCKNOW   State  – UTTAR PRADESH      PIN- 226016_

Phone/ Mobile +91 9919101069, +91 9305699666.

Email- anantfoundation.india@gmail.com, anantfoundation09@gmail.com.


A Managing Committee consists of 8 office bearers manages the Society. The Managing Committee is the main decision making platform of the Society. The social workers, housewives and grass root level volunteers represent the committee. The Chairman and Secretary of the Society are responsible to the Managing Committee where all the important decision of the organization is taken unanimously as per democratic norms.


ANANT works for less fortunate people (such as orphans street children’s or weaker part of the society mainly women and tribal) without any discriminations of any cast, creed, race, or sex or any kind of social discriminations. We believe that every man & woman out of their cast, creed, and religion will have equal rights, privileges and dignity in the society and we should live in exploitation free society, peace fully with love, respects, dignity and fellow feeling to each other’s. So, for the development concern, we believe in self-sustaining development and that’s why our all programme are aimed with self-sufficient with the best of local resources. People must be self-sufficient. All around development is only possible when there will be proper educated and that’s why Society gives much stress mainly on the training & education programme for mother & child.

Vision and Mission:-

Vision: A dynamic civil society influencing policies and actions at all levels
                to safeguard the global environment and promote sustainable development.

Mission: To strengthen civil society by enhancing participation, contributing to policy and stimulating      action.


The Board Directors of “ANANT FOUNDATION” formed ANANT is presently involved in various noble social works & is specially working for less fortunate people, female, orphan & street children. The Society is specialist in organizing Awareness Programme in different burning issue. Members of the Society are very active & giving their voluntary service for the development of the Society.

Previous Year Activities

  • Awareness Programme for student
  • Awareness Programme for Female
  • Awareness Programme on Environment
  • Awareness Programme on HIV
  • Awareness Programme on Travel
  • Social Awareness Programme
  • N.E.A.C (Govt. Of India)

Present Activities

  • Awareness Programme for Student
  • Insurance for BPL (Micro Insurance)
  • Awareness Programme on Travel
  • Financial Assistance for BPL
  • Self Development Programme for BPL
  • Micro Finance
  • Different Course for students i.e. Spoken English etc
  • Projects on Govt. of India

Proposed Activities

  • Personality & Skill Development Course for Students
  • English Medium School Class I to V
  • Student Awareness Programme in all over India
  • English Medium School for Backward class
  • Old age Home
  • Night School
  • Consumer Awareness Programme
  • Developmental project for School students
  • Special Project for Tribal Students
  • Awareness Programme on HIV

Counseling, Advice & Legal Help for Women & Child

ANANT has started counseling, advice & legal help for Child & woman. We provide counseling, advice & assistance to the distress female specially those who has already filled up Divorce case or facing matrimonial problems in family. We try to settle the matter on discussion & counseling. Our first attempt is to resettle the matter out of court & if at all not possible we provide legal assistance.

Apart from matrimonial cases we also look after the any other problems of distress female. AS NGO we try to solve the problem within our legal limitation. In last few months we have solved a lot of cases out of Court.

In case of Child we take action as per the situation. Normally we do all sorts of help to students only. We help students in admission also.

Management Team:


Mr. Saxena the Director of the Society. He is the founder Member of the Society. He is M.B.A having wide range of experience in welfare activities. By profession he is a businessman. He has total work Experience of 6 years in various fields like E-Governance, Service industry and now as a Director of Anant Foundation, is  responsible for process, service delivery, process excellence,  training, Quality, employee satisfaction, technology, facilities and social welfare. 


Mr. Srivastava the Secretary of the Society. He is the founder Member of the Society. He is M.Sc, JRF, M.B.A having wide range of experience has around 5 years experience in handling issues related to company laws and implementation of rules and regulation to operate company successfully. Formally worked as a scientist with ministry of culture having wide range of experience in environmental issues, health and public welfare. 

NAVEEN SRIVASTAVA –(Administration Head.)

Mr. Srivastava is an M.B.A and has over 5 years of profound experience in promoting, setting up and managing various activates in admin and operations  . His expertise spans Strategic Planning, Information Management, and Financial Resource Management. He has wide range of expreance in handling large no of teams in E-governance projects.