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About Anant Foundation

Anant Foundation society was established in year 2009 which is going to complete its 10 years of fruitful existence in 2018. Anant Foundation is a nonprofit making organization staunchly believes in social, Environmental and Economic empowerment to all stakeholders by confining them under one roof. It is an organization which works on the multiple beneficial schemes in order to support the community on a diversified pattern. The main motive of the organization is to promote a large number of sustainable livelihoods.

From the Environmental point of view Anant Foundation promotes Environmental Education, Policy development & Community outreach in ecology and management, livelihood, Education and outreach conservation planning. It is full fledge unit running its own activities of environmental and wild life conservation with the help of public participation and contribution.

Vision and Mission

Vision:    A dynamic civil society influencing policies and actions at all levels to safeguard the global environment     and promote sustainable development.

Mission:  To strengthen civil society by enhancing participation, contributing to policy and stimulating action.



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